Walk In Registration :

    Classes for all Age Groups including Adults and Seniors. Weekend and other days classes besides Tuesday and Friday are available on request.

    Save Registration Fees $25


    Location :

    12 Klee Ct.,East Windsor,NJ 08520,
    On US 130, Near Indian store Patidar

    (609) 865 3186 (M) / (201) 905 1001 (Res)


    Class Details :


    5.30 to 6.30pm | 6.30 to 7.30pm | 7.30 to 8.30pm


    5.30 to 6.30pm | 6.30 to 7.30pm | 7.30 to 8.30pm


    Fee structure for General Class :

    $15 @ Class , $25 Registration fee

    Once a week

    16 Classes $240

    Twice a week

    32 Classes $460


    KATHAK DANCE: It is one of the oldest and rarest classical dance forms from the northern part of India. Kathak dancers tell stories by beating rhythm out with the feet, by using stylized gestures, movements and with powerful facial expressions. The whirling movements, amazing footwork with striking beautiful poses and the end of each rendition, the graceful movements, the subtle expressions, and sophisticated use of rhythm are other attractive features of this dance form.

    CHAITANYA YOGA: Experience of oneness with Music

    Perhaps the only fitness and relaxation program based on the north Indian classical music – known for its healing element. It combines dance movements, stretches, and flowing posture with rhythmic breathing for an intensive body – mind workout. It is suitable to all age groups and is conceptualized by Shila Mehta.

    CREATIVE & POPULAR DANCES: The classes are mainly focused on expressions which are articulated in song and music that one is going to dance. The dance movements draw inspirations from range of other dance forms including folk dances. Most of the times dancers are encouraged to create their own movements to communicate. It helps to enhance physical fitness ,improve social skills and well being.

    General Classes: Our Kathak Dance classes are based on the techniques of Pandit Birju Maharaj of Lucknow Gharana. Kathak Classes are designed on the basis of Examination and Performance system. They are offered in semester and hour based courses twice a week for one hour. The students who wish to appear for the examination offered by Gandharva Mahavidyalaya will appear for the same at every alternate year.

    Special Classes: These will be conducted on personal training basis for the students who will have special requirements and want to learn for specific time duration.


    Courses offered
    • Introduction to Kathak (Beginners Level)
    • Kathak for Improver (Intermediate Level)
    • Master Classes (Advance Level)
    Dance Accessories :

    Pair of 50 bells

    Pair of 100 bells

    Pair of 200 bells

    Bells Pad

    Kathak Music CD ( course based)

    Kathak Book