• Testimonials :

    Shruti Sinha : Nupur Zankar – Mumbai, India.

    Nupur Zankar is a premier institution actively engaged in promoting Consciousness of Kathak in india and abroad. Our Guruma – Shila Mehta – exubes pure and positive energy. She not only teaches us the dance form , but also how to appreciate art from different perspectives. I would describe the whole experience as therapeutic.

    Nikita Thakrar : Dancing Nikita Company – Berkshire, UK.

    Every trip with Didi was memorable as I was not only getting thorough training in Traditional kathak Dance, but I being exposed to the art form on a spiritual level. Didi is a captivating performer herself, with a very divine stage presence. She is patient and understands each individuals needs and how much they can take. I know incorporate Didis Style and teaching into my dance company, which I setup in the UK under her guidance.

    Maya Sapera : Nupur Zankar – Gent, Belgium.

    Shila Mehta Knows how to move her audience by embodying the feeling she uses in her choreography and by taking care of every detail on and off the stage. Her Training is thorough, ensuring quality in the long run. I am proud to be associated with Nupur Zankar – now offering Certified Courses in Belgium under Shila Mehtas Guidance – a remarkable step in the Kathak field.

    Dr. Shivani Sharma : Nupur Zankar – Wilshire, UK.

    Shila Didis attention to detail is second to none and her teachings are brought to life in her own well rounded performance and stage presence. I am Pleased to be promoting Kathak within the UK , specifically following Nupur Zankars ethos of dance education.